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We Went From Managing Retail and Restaurants to Managing a Web Design Business

How did this happen?

We probably have a lot in common with you.

After years of managing small brick and mortars, storefronts, working in the back of restaurants, and doing our own marketing, we were given the task of making a few websites.

There are so many commercials from companies like Wix and Shopify that told us we could build a site in less than an hour( which we learned was an enormous exaggeration) so we gave it a shot. We thought we were semi-pros until we needed anything specific done and kept having to upgrade our service plans to make simple changes, some of which couldn’t be done no matter what (looking at you GoDaddy.com).

We didn’t create a functioning website, we created a nightmare. So we decided to hire someone to make our websites and we went through interviewing both freelancers and agencies. The struggle was real.

It didn’t take long to feel overwhelmed by huge upfront costs, the finely printed fees at the bottom of contracts (that nobody ever mentioned in the sales pitch, surprise!), the freelancer that felt it was appropriate to never explain the tech jargon or answer any of our questions, and the agency that quoted us 6 months of time and $11,000 to finish one simple 7-page website that they knew was way out of our budget. What a waste of everyone’s time.

Upon diving into this, we found other small businesses that had been grossly taken advantage of as well and realized how shady this industry was. Many business owners do not understand tech, so spending hard-earned start-up funds on charlatan companies was a devastating loss and could often make or break the business.

Before giving up completely, we decided to ask a friend for help. He had numerous years designing and developing websites, SEO, and managing servers. The way he exceeded every one of our expectations was absolutely shocking, we would provide an idea and he would make it and then make it better and finish under budget. He made us realize we had wasted so much time and money trying to find someone to make websites the correct and honest way.

We now knew what we had to do.

With our forces combined, we created WebWithoutWaste.com with the promise to give small businesses affordable websites and other web services without the migraines, stress, and shady practices we experienced while trying to hire someone, and still see every day when looking at our competitors.

We’re putting our foot down and saying “NO MORE” to typical and average: it’s time to remove the waste from web design.

Modern High-Speed Servers

We use LiteSpeed cached servers and Content Delivery Networks to deliver your site at blazing-fast speeds.

Fast Turn-Around Time

We haven’t missed a deadline, and don’t plan to. Does something need to be done now? We’ll brew the coffee.

No Hidden Fees

We are straightforward with every cost. We don’t profit from servers, plugins, or templates – we’ll prove it.

Free Quotes and Site Audits

Quotes and monthly technical Audits should be free. So here we are, providing them for free.

Optimization for All Devices

We make sure your website works for all devices including smartphones and tablets. Typical designers gloss over these even though smartphones are 50% of your traffic.

AA Accessibility

We design with AA Accessibility in mind, that way those who are disabled or impaired can still enjoy your website.

Budget Awareness

Give us your budget and we will fit within it. There’s no reason agencies shouldn’t incorporate this into their service. We want you to succeed, not break your wallet.

Variable Retainers

Typical web professionals keep their retainer the same fee, even if they don’t work for months out of the year. If we do less work, we lower your retainer. It’s simple and honest.

Great Communication

If you have questions, we’ll give you answers. We aren’t going to talk over you like we’re trying to show off how smart we are. That’s dumb.

Numerous Freebies

Free SSL, Free Global CDN, Free Database Cleanings, Free Plugin Updates, Free Audits, and Free Quotes. Why? Because we’re tired of people charging for these.


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Benjamin Cloud

Design & Development
Pahoa, Hawaii

Jake Haun

Server Management
Sheridan, Wyoming

Erik Lintula

Design & Project Manager
Pahoa, Hawaii

Marcee Parco

Marketing & Social Media
Guttenberg, New Jersey

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