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We provide Web Design & SEO services, digital Marketing solutions, solutions for eCommerce, and managed Hosting to help small businesses reach their full web potential.

We Don’t Waste Time or Money

Our Websites include free monthly SEO Audits, free monthly Plugin Updates, free weekly Database Cleanings, free Daily Backups, a free Global CDN, and a free SSL. On top of that, we’ll even give you a free quote and find you the best options for plugins and servers within your budget. Life couldn’t be any easier.

Optimized Websites that are 100% Secure

Designing an Optimized and 100% Secure Website should be part of the deal, and for some reason, we’re the only ones doing that. We’ve seen far too many websites slowly load the homepage just to show broken links and outdated payment options. A website should do more than look pretty, it should perform and function correctly, too.


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Web Design

Customers and search engines like fresh, clean, and modern designs using industry-standard practices. It is vital to have your website functioning correctly across all devices such as your tablet and mobile phone.

SEO Solutions

Search Engine Optimization is a core component to showing up ahead of your competition on search engines such as Google and Bing. We research using advanced tools to give you a major edge over competitors.

Website Optimization

Slower websites equal less sales. Nobody wants to crawl through a website to make an order. Amazon can get away with it, but you can’t. That is why our websites load in less than 2 seconds, beating the industry standard.

Marketing Solutions

Online marketing is especially important to do frequently and correctly, which is why we use schedules and automation to send marketing out at specific times of the day based on your audience.

Website Management

A website should be properly maintained, serviced, and prepared for changes – just like any other part of your business. We give you peace of mind so you can put the bulk of your efforts elsewhere.

Free Quotes and Audits

We offer free quotes so that your money isn’t wasted on building up hourly fees that most Web Agencies are known for doing. We also provide free website audits so you’ll know how you’re performing on Google.

Affordable and Effective

Committed To Providing Website Services That Actually Help Small Businesses

We are a small business providing the high-quality work of a much larger agency, but without the needless costs and wasted time, so you can spend those on what truly matters: Your Business.

With over 15 years of experience in small business management, customer service, marketing, and E-commerce – we know what it’s like to run a business with employees, overhead, shipping, schedules, and promos, along with taking care of a Brick & Mortar; but typical web designers won’t have a clue, and it will show through to your visitors, and your profits.

So, whether it’s kickstarting your new online presence, increasing your current revenue, targeting a bigger audience, or tackling a special project – We are the ultimate solution for your small business. We guarantee it.

We Follow the Best Practices

EcoFriendly & Efficient
Projects Delivered On Time
Local SEO & National SEO
Modern Servers & Faster Websites
AA Web Accessibility
No Hidden Fees – No Small Text
Mobile & Tablet Optimization

Recent Projects

Our Portfolio

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Coalition of Healers

A site designed as a directory to find alternative methods of healing. Each member has their own profile with social media icons, and more information about them inside a modal. This site has an application form, and a form that users will upload their content to, pay for the service, and register for the site — all at the same time. It’s super convenient. This site also has a members section with a private forum, so business owners may talk amongst themselves for advice, business plans, teaming up, and much more.

Indigo Thrive

Indigo Thrive was designed as both an E-Commerce site, and an Appointment booking site. Products and suggested products are on every single page, and there is a convenient cart button that slides out when products are added, which allows customers to view their order details without leaving the page. Appointment booking is also on every page, in a convenient and non-intrusive sidebar widget. Products and Appointments can be paid for with all major credit cards, Paypal, and Quickpay. Shipping is easy and includes geographical conditional shipping such as local pickup for those with a specific zip code, which is especially good for small towns or brick and mortar shops in major cities. Appointment booking includes a variety of services, comes up in a dedicated modal, and allows users to pay directly through the modal without going through the hassle of going to a cart or checkout page. In other words, the appointment booking is inclusive, which makes it especially fast and easy to use. Appointments can be set up for multiple owners/employees and comes with a backend calendar which is super easy to use, allowing business owners a lot of freedom when it comes to when, where, and how they want users to book an appointment. If you decide you don’t want to work next Tuesday, simply block off the day, it will only take a minute, even for the least techy savvy of people. If one of your employees can only work 2 hours on Thursday, it’s just as simple to set that with the drag and drop calendar. If you’re taking appointments in a different town on every Friday of the week, that can easily be configured on the fly too. There is a lot of potential with this booking method, and it works well for all types of appointment booking.

Stewart Blackburn

Stewart Blackburn is a recognized shaman in Hawaii and is a published author. His site was made to accommodate his many teachings, articles, and classes. This site is great for sorting posts, articles, and blogs into neat sliders on various pages, and its own dedicated page showcasing all of his articles, complete with convenient categories and a universal search bar. There is a convenient contact form that slides out from a button on the bottom right of the screen, giving users a faster way to connect. There is an easy-to-use calendar that showcases events and classes and made to give users every detail. This is built with GoDaddy which also has great marketing tools. Stewart is able to visually write and edit an article with links, pictures, and modern formatting options inside his Dashboard, with the ability to schedule and automate pushing his publications to a very large mailing list, and to his social media. The email to the mailing list and the posts to social media are very customizable, allowing the freedom of designing something that is visually appealing, honors existing branding, and works great for even large amounts of content. This saves hours of time for anyone who wants to write for an audience or has a lot of content to showcase.

Wildrose Schoolhouse Apartments

Wildrose Schoolhouse Apartments was designed for an apartment building. It features a contact form, galleries for each apartment, and a heavy-duty application form to ease the workload of the property manager. The application form is designed to supply the property manager with a lot of information, including photo ID, paystubs, and simple information for the applicant to answer such as: if they own a vehicle, and which apartment they are applying for. The contact form information, and the application form information are automatically emailed to the property manager in an easy to read/print/download visual PDF file. The site was designed for simplicity, for both the user and the property manager.

Cowbaby Cloud features music from Rich Cloud, a Musician and Songwriter residing in Wyoming, USA. The site includes a biography, contact form, many high quality photos, and 2 uncompressed playlists inside visual audio players similar to Winamp or Windows Media Player. The audio players provide easily accessible button links for free downloads and in the future will provide easy purchases of Rich Cloud’s track list and album. The site is still fast loading since the photos are hosted on an image CDN which provides users across the globe with fast load times and smart-compression based on connection and device. The music loads at the moment the user hits play. Because it’s not preloaded it allows the site to score 90/100 on mobile/desktop from Google Pagespeed and let’s the users and the server save bandwidth and resources. Take a look and listen to some great tunes.

What Our Clients Say


Manager of ‘Wildrose Apartments’

Kelsey Daffin

Web Without Waste helped us figure out what we needed on a website, built our website, and made extensive forms for tenants and it all lowered my workload by 1-3 hours a day!
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Owner of ‘Lava Guides’

Scott Hansen

I needed a website that could compete with the big tour companies here in Hawaii. They wasted no time handing me an awesome looking website that is fast even overseas!
View Website

Web Director of ‘Chae Organics’

E. Carl Hoagland IV

My family’s popular eCommerce website needed performance and SEO optimization. Web Without Waste helped us achieve better results by reworking technical SEOs and providing audits.
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Owner of ‘Indigo Thrive’

Emily Hart

I have been using Web Without Waste for years now and for more than one website. They are always better than expected. I was so tired of doing it all myself or getting subpar work done for way too much money, they have given me the breathing room I needed so I can spend more time on my businesses and clients.
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Author of ‘The Pleasure Journal’

Stewart Blackburn

I wanted my old website rebuilt into something more modern and pleasing to the eye to host all of my articles. Benjamin was able to meet me in person and communicated well. I still call on him occasionally for email blasts to my mailing list, and when I need help adding articles.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a website usually cost?

There is not one price that fits all, so we provide free Quotes. Our websites generally cost $600-$4500.

Hosting costs will vary on your website but are generally around $300 a year. We will never Whitelabel a server host, you will see the bill. Why? Because we’re tired of people profiting off reselling people cheap hosts. We’re better because we’re different.

If applicable, retainer fees will vary on what is required from us to keep everything healthy, updated, and changed to fit your promotions or other added content. They generally cost $60-$400 a month and will be provided upfront and itemized in depth each month. Most companies bank off these fees even when they’re not working on your website. But, if we do less work, we adjust the fee – because integrity makes us happy.

2. How long does it take to rank high on Google?

We go after high-volume and easy-to-rank keywords at first. We’ve seen gains of over 200+ keywords in less than a month and many Top 3 with the true and trusted method of keyword research and content writing. Each SEO plan is built custom for every business, and we’ll know more after we make one for you.

Other people will buy backlinks to try to increase your rank, then 6 months down the road Google will figure it out, penalize you, and suddenly all your traffic disappears. We don’t do that because we set websites up for long-term success.

3. What web platforms do you use?

Whatever you’d like us to use we can do it, but we normally stick with WordPress because it’s so flexible for us, and our clients. There is no better CMS than WordPress, but we do appreciate every platform for what it offers, and can even code for React and Vue if you want. Let’s talk about it.

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